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Course Curriculum

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Intro - Welcome Message for Your Instructor
Meet your teacher, Melissa, and find out a little bit about why she loves photography so much. Also includes a quick introduction to the course.

Module 1 - History of Photography
Who invented photography as we know it today? How has the camera changed over the years?

Module 2 - The Photographer's Toolkit
Do you know what items a photographer keeps on their tool belt?

Module 3 - Photography Terms
Time for our vocab lesson. Let's talk about all those big fancy words we use in photography.

Module 4 - Exposure (aka The Three Kings)
Let's talk about the 3 essential things that make the perfect picture.

Module 5 - Camera Settings
Time to talk about the "How" of photography. Let's figure out those camera buttons and what they do.

Module 6 - Camera Modes
Let's talk about the difference between automatic and manual shooting modes. What's the difference?

Module 7 - Lighting
What is the best kind of lighting for photography? Can we make our own?

Module 8 - Composition
This is where we talk about the details. What do we put in a photograph? How do we frame our photo in the camera?

Module 9 - Photography Careers
What options are there for photographers in today's work place?